Week 15- Artist Conversation- Ariel Maldonado

Exhibition Information

Artist: Ariel Maldonado

Exhibition: CSULB Art Sale

Media: Ceramics
About the Artist

Ariel is an artist in her fourth year at CSULB. I know Ariel from previously having a ceramics wheel throw class with her. Ariel worked long and hard to get into the Ceramics Department, as it can be very competitive. After she graduates, she wants to be a lab technician or an assistant so she can continue to learn. From there, she may even do artist residences to get more experience.

Formal Analysis

Ariel had her own section of work for sale within the gallery sale. Her name was on the wall above her pieces. Most of her pieces were small, and dark in color. Several help succulent plants. Several are able to hold food. Even some are simply for decoration. She previously worked with shells, but has now moved on the darker colored clays and chemical experimentation.

Content Analysis

The artist has an interest in chemical reactions. Several of her pieces are more for the sake of experimentation with glazes and clays, that of function of the piece. She can guide the process and hope for the best, but she has no control over the final result.

Synthesis / My Experience

I have had the pleasure of not only seeing Ariel’s work in the show, but also seeing her growth over time. She has refined her style and area of interest. She put in the time she needed to make sure she had the opportunities that she is not benefiting from. Super neat!


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