Week 14- Classmate Conversation- Janis

I talked with Janis Vernier this week. He is from Hamburg, Germany. He did illustration back in Germany, but is taking lots of fun classes like Furniture Design here at CSULB. He has six years of college under his belt so far!


The question of the week: What will college be like in 2036?


Janis had some interesting things to say about this. He said that school couldn’t possibly get any more stressful, because students can’t maintain a descent mental health as it is. That means there is not way it could get harder. People would not be able to take it! He also said that it probably won’t get more and more expensive forever. It will plateau at some point. He also toyed with the idea that college will be 100% virtual classrooms! Technological advances will make it more interactive than online classes offered now.


Interesting talk Janis! Thanks for chatting!


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