Week 12- Artist Conversation- Kaclica Chhin

Exhibition Information
Artist: Kaclica Chhin
Exhibition: Threadeded
Media: Sculpture, Multimedia 
Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery
About the Artist
Kaclica is a senior at CSULB in the Sculpture BFA program. Kaclica worked with light and shadow in her works the create a mood and an experience. She is interested in movement, color, and yhshe body. 
Formal Analysis

Kaclica’s exitibtion was in a dark lit room. There was a purple-pink light that was placed down low. There was a large structure that took up most of the room. It appeared to be a swing that could hold multiple people on the seat. There were other hanging objects and objects placed on the ground. There was a sound component that reminded me of a cat purring.
Content Analysis

Kaclica wanted to create a space that had an interesting sense of movement. The viewer feels part of the composition, especially with the desire to sit on the swing.
Synthesis / My Experience

I was impressed by the scale of the main piece. I felt small in the purple room. I felt like it was a space made for cats, but was blown up to human scale. interesting play on objects and functions.



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