Week 11- Artist Conversation- Kyle Kruse

Exhibition Information

Artist: Kyle Kruse

Exhibition: Janus Maxim

Media: Film, Sculpture, Woodblock Carvings

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery
About the Artist

Kyle is a printmaking major in his last semester at CSULB. His work falls into the category of “Senior Project” but he does not seem particularly happy about that categorization. Kyle says that the label of senior project is just an umbrella term telling the artist to do something creative. He spends a large amount of time researching and analyzing topics. He said that months and months of research happens long before he even begins to create his art. He strives for a speechless response from his viewers.

Formal Analysis

The gallery is very dark. When the viewer walks in, the first thing they notice is that there are things crunching underfoot. Off to the left, on pedestals, are three different bird-like masks. Behind each mask is a woodblock carving of the mask in front of it. On the right end of the gallery are three televisions with three different films playing. The films depict the artist wearing each of the three bird masks. In the films, he performs a site-specific animalistic  scene.

Content Analysis

Kyle was very interested in exploring the connection between civilized humans, and their ancestoral, animalistic backgrounds. He asks that when a civilized human goes to a place virtually untouched by civility, if the human loses some of their civility, or simply resurecting their instincts.

Synthesis / My Experience

I spent a long time looking at Kyle’s work. He had many elements that came together to from one cohesive experience. Every sense was addressed, except smell (which I was happy about). The sense of sight, sound, and touch was all-encompassing, yet not overwhelming. I left the gallery with many questions that I hope to explore.


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