Week 10-Artist Conversation- Kristi Tristao Jensen

Exhibition Information

Artist: Kristi Tristao Jensen
Exhibition: Lineage
Media: Metal

About the Artist

Kristi is an undergraduate in her last semester of the BFA Metals Program. She loves experimentation with new materials. She has been preparing for this show for nine months.

Formal Analysis

Kristi begins her metal experiments with copper. From there, she moves on to silver and other more expensive metals. The pieces are all metal, ranging from copper, to silver, to bronze. Some of her pieces resemble natural objects, while others are more geometric in form. Her pieces in the center of the gallery appear to be folded metal forms. I asked her about this process, and she described it as annealing, which involves folding, hammering, and bending metal.

Content Analysis

Kristi seems to love the process of creating. She likes to learn new things, and figure out how something works. All of the works she presents depict a different way of working with metal. Her mission seems to be to conquer a method of craft, not perfect a concept. Her forms are interesting.

Synthesis / My Experience

I was interested in Kristi’s work because she works with materials I have never handled before. She was currently working on a new piece as she sat outside her gallery. That truly gave us a sense of how much she loves the process of creating.


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