Week 9- Artist Conversation- Dahlia Bañuelos & Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Exhibition Information

Artists: Dahlia & Daniel

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: Photography, Multimedia

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: dbvphotography.com

Instagram: dbvqp

About the Artist

The artists are a collaborative team in the studio art program at CSULB. They were rejected from the photography BFA program. Dahlia has interest based in multiple areas. She also loved to work with metal in jewelry making. She collaborated with Daniel, who may still become a photography major. 

Formal Analysis

The walls on the left depict large close-up pictures of tree bark. The right has more abstract work. Straight ahead is a string connecting many pictures together. It is all held together by one string. On the floor are two figures in dark clothes.

Content Analysis

The exhibition is a display of anger and frustration. The collaboration gave Dahlia a chance to display more classically appreciated forms of photography along with her more abstract photographs. The single string shows the viewer that if on thing breaks, everything falls apart. 

Synthesis / My Experience

The photography itself was beautiful. I liked the content that was focused on. I was able to understand the purpose of the string, but I thought it was sufficient. The addition of the figures on the floor was too obvious. Without the figures, the exhibit would have been stronger to me. Yet despite that, I was still impressed by their effort.


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