Week 8- Classmate Conversation- Laura Lockett

Laura Lockett is a second year Pre-Social Work major. She chose quite an interesting career choice with many trials and rewards ahead of her.

I asked Laura three questions:

1) What is a piece of art, of any medium, that you would like to share with everyone? Why do you like it and why do you think others should experience (read, see, listen to, etc.) it? – Carlos

She responded that she would love to share her future tattoo. She already loves the tattoo that she is about to get because it is very detailed. It is also representative of things that are important to her. Once she gets it, she will share her art with anyone who wants to see.

2) Would you be supportive of your child wanting to pursue an art career? Why or why not? – Anonymous

Laura answered that yes, she would let her child pursuing a career in art, because she wouldn’t want to stop them from following their passion.

3) Open your phones to the 1st page. What apps do you both have? What apps are different? Discuss! – Glenn

Our phones were remarkably similar! We shared all of the same social media apps, like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. We also both had the CSULB mobile app. In addition to that, we each had an app for music, although hers was Spotify and mine was Pandora. Other than that, we had several shopping apps for our favorite stores, and some entertainments apps.
Fun discussion! Thanks Laura!


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