Week 7- Artist Conversation- Nathaniel Paderanga

Week 7- Artist Conversation- Nathaniel Paderanga

Exhibition Information
Artist: Nathaniel Paneranga

Exhibition: Social

Media: Oil Paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: none
About the Artist

Nathaniel is a Drawing and Painting Major in the CSULB School of Art. He gradually realized that he could become an artist for a living, when he discovered he was good at painting. He recently lost his mother, a year ago, and these paintings reflect his experiences and memories since he lost her.

Formal Analysis

Nathaniel’s painting are very naturalistic in their nature. He takes personal photos of things that are important to him, then turns them into paintings. Most of his paintings are 36 inches by 48 inches, but several are smaller. He said the reason that he uses that size is a combination of personal preference, and professor requirements. He uses particular color schemes and value scales to portray a feeling of dysphoria, or reminiscence.

Content Analysis

Nathaniel’s paintings are very important to him. They highlight memories of his family and personal life. He claims to reference great artists like Caravaggio for his work. The resemblances are noticeable, yet he has his own personal style of painting. The subjects of his paintings are loved ones, or familiar places. His paintings are influenced by the time he has spent experiencing life after his mother died.

Synthesis / My Experience

The content of these paintings is very heartfelt. He features his mother, grandparents, and his childhood home. I too, aspire to create paintings about my personal life. To see his successful works, I want to create my own works that will be equally as impressive.


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