Week 3-Artist Conversation-School of Art Maker Society

Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – School of Art Maker Society (Ellin)

Exhibition Information

Artist: School of Art Maker Society
Exhibition: Collaboration
Media: Paper, Mixed-Media, Installation, blocks
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Facebook: CSULB School of Art Maker Society

About the Program

This program, only in its second semester of life, is a great addition to the CSULB campus. In this program, CSULB students who are members of the club can learn a wide variety of skills. A member need not be an art major, only a student at CSULB. There is a small workshop fee which covers whatever materials the student will need in the workshops. The workshops the club decides to participate in are usually guided by staff and department support. Previous projects that the group has participated in include ceramic mug making in the ceramics department and painting. The society explores learning a new trade. It also provides means of learning these new trades.

I spoke with Ellin, who is one of the leaders of the society. She gave me valuable information on the purpose of the club and how to join.

Formal Analysis

The work on the walls of the gallery was produced by the viewers walking through. As viewers walk through the gallery, they are invited to create drawings for the wall. These are line drawings of various line weights. The blocks on the floor are there for the viewer to create rhythmic shape patterns. The origami portion of the gallery was a wide array of colorful paper. Overall, the gallery was a wide array of color, shaped, and textures.

Content Analysis

The art in this gallery is completely subjective to the viewer. Since the viewer is the one adding the art, the content is whatever the viewer adds.

Most people coming into the gallery come in expecting to see fine art. If they decide to add art, most participants add something they feel is visually pleasing to the eye.

Synthesis / My Experience

My experience with this gallery’s exhibition was very positive. I left my information with the group and decided to become a member. I am very interested in the work the group does. I participated in the origami, and I am hoping to participate in future activities.


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