Is Art Important?

I had an in depth conversation with Roxana Chavez about her response to this question. Roxana is a Healthcare Administration Major in her second year at CSULB. She hopes to work in hospitals to help low income families know their options regarding healthcare. She is from nearby at Carson City.

According to Roxana, as much as we need doctors and nurses, we also need architects and trend setters and musicians and composers. She believes people who make art are just as important as people who save lives. This is because, art makes life meaningful. As children, we learn how to read by drawing. Not to meantion, many people are visual learners. Art is a part of everything we do. The thing that makes art important is sharing it. If we did not share it, it wouldn’t have a meaning or a purpose. Roxana gave the example of the tv show The Voice. If those singers never auditioned to share their talents, nobody would be able to experience their talent. Yes, art IS important!


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